Saturday, May 12, 2012

To My Daughter

Dear Brooklyn,

Today, you are nine months, one week, and five days old.  It's 10:17 p.m. and I just laid you down to sleep in your little two-piece pajamas, the ones with ice cream cones on them.  I'm starting this, because when you are older, I want you to remember, to realize exactly how much we love you, how very, very special you are.  So this, my child, will be the first of many, many letters, all written to you.

Right now, we live in Crookston.  I work as a Head Start teacher and your Daddy is a security guard at Concordia.  I also work part-time cashiering at Wal-mart and run a very small business selling hand-crocheted items.  We live in a house that you probably won't ever remember (or if you do, it will be in the faintest of your memories) on Sunflower street, right on the corner.

I cannot believe how much you have changed already since we met you.  At your nine month check-up, just yesterday, you weighed 20 lbs., 8 oz. and were 28.5" long.  Nine short months ago, when you were born, you weighed in at 7 lbs., 12.7 oz. and were 18"  long!  Oh how you've grown!  You knew how to hold your head up before we even left the hospital, were rolling over by four months, were crawling at six months, and now at just over nine months, you are so very close to walking!  My precocious, amazing little girl!  You stand by yourself, you just haven't quite figured out how to move those feet yet!

I work days on Monday through Thursday and about two evenings a week.  Your daddy works days on the weekends and evenings on Mondays.  That means, right now, you're typically home either with me or your daddy.  No child care for you!  At least not yet.  It makes it so much easier for me to be at work, knowing that your safe in your daddy's hands when I'm gone!

Right now, you have the same bright red hair and deep blue eyes that you were born with.  I'm starting to wonder if they will change at all.  You're the most beautiful baby that I've ever met.  Every day, I stare at you in amazement and wonder how your father and I could possibly have produced such a perfect little human being!

Today was Saturday and your daddy worked, like he does every Saturday right now, so it was just me and you home. You woke me up just after eight and we had breakfast, played with your blocks (I built them up and you knocked them down!), and you explored.  You're a wonderful explorer, as I suppose most babies are.  And you love to put everything in your mouth!  Think about this when you're older, when you were a baby, we had to keep the shoes all put away because otherwise you would chew on them!  Yuck!  You napped from noon to two or so, and then when you work up, we walked to the park and played on the swings and blew bubbles.

After we came home, you finger painted pictures for your grandmas for Mother's Day tomorrow!  And I only had to remind you not to eat the paint off of your fingers twice, lol!  I wasn't sure how you'd do, but you actually really got into it!

And, naturally, I had to take pictures, because your Grandma Gail took this picture of me when I was little. :)

If you couldn't tell, it's pretty much agreed that you look more like your Dad than like me right now. :)

I can't promise that I'll update this daily or anything.  But there will definitely be more letters to you, my darling daughter, because I have a lifetime of things to tell you. I love you.

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