Saturday, May 26, 2012

Starting Summer Together

Dear Brooklyn,

It's 11 p.m. on Saturday, May 26th, 2012.  You're almost 10 months old and growing up way too fast.  Your hair is still red and your eyes are still blue.  Yesterday, you stood up all by yourself for the first time without holding on to anything.  You still haven't learned to walk yet, but you're very, very close.  You've cruised around furniture with ease since you were about seven months old.  Your very first steps are going to be any day now, and then I wonder how your dad and I are possibly going to keep up with you! :)

You like to be outside.  Every time the front door opens, you beeline it right outside so that you can crawl around on the porch.

We bought your your own little one-ring swimming pool for this summer with plans to set it up on the porch next to the patio chairs so that we can all be together while you're playing in the water. We haven't set it up outside yet, but I blew it up in the house so that we could look at it.  You had fun playing with it even in the house!  You crawled inside and kicked your little feet and laughed.  I think you crawled over every inch of that little swimming pool!

And I don't know if I mentioned this yet, but we use cloth diapers (I think it will be interesting to see what disposable diapers look like when you're older).  A month or so ago, your daddy and I sat down and picked out a bunch of prints to order and they came yesterday.  I think you had just as much fun opening the box as your dad and I did!

I'm actually up washing your cloth diapers right now, as I'm writing this blog post and watching Futurama.  It's my favorite show. :) 

It's finally Mommy's summer vacation too!  My last day for the year at the Head Start was Friday the 19th.  This summer is already turning out to be amazing.  I love being able to be home and spend time with you!  I've worked so much that it feels like I've missed large chunks of your little life already.  I hate being away from you!  Although, when I've been at work, you've been home with your Daddy, which makes it a little easier on me to be gone (I trust your Daddy to the moon and back with everything, even you, the thing that I love most in life).  But now we're together more.  Except for a few random evenings each week when I'm working at Wal-mart (no more than 10 hours a week!), I get the privilege of waking up to your smiling face and tucking you into bed and kissing your little forehead at night.

Now that I have more time off, me, you, and Daddy found time to walk together to the park together the other day!  You swung in the baby swings, went down the slide with Daddy, 'rode' on the park motorcycle, we blew bubbles (you tried to eat the bubble wands!), and your Daddy took so many pictures that he ran the camera right out of batteries!  But I believe this picture may be my favorite picture of you ever (so far!)

I want to leave this story for you.  Your dad works at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.  You fell asleep at about 9 p.m. tonight.  Shortly after your dad went to bed, I went to put the diaper pail back in the bathroom after putting your diapers in the wash.  The bathroom door tends to stick in the spring for some reason, so it made a loud noise when I opened it.  It must have woken you up, because a few seconds later (just enough time for me to get back out to the living room), you started screaming at the top of your lungs!  I knew what had happened and that you weren't hurt or anything, so I didn't run back there quite as quickly as I could have, but it didn't matter, because your dad was in your room so fast!  I didn't even have time to get to the hallway and he was already in your room with the lights on, holding and consoling you.  He was clearly a little shaken, he told me that he thought that he had heard your Angel Care monitor going off as well.  I don't think I've ever seen your dad move quite so fast!  I think that he was probably half asleep when you started crying, but your Daddy was right there to make sure that you were okay!  

You should see the way your dad's face lights up when he sees you.  He's so in love with you.  We love each other too, but it's a different kind of love.  He can be frustrated with me and smiling at you all in the same sentence.  It's impossible to be mad at your beautiful, trusting little face.  I'm sure that will change over time (especially once we hit those teenage years!), but right now, our whole world rises and sets with you.  As you get older, when you're sad, when you're lonely, when you're angry, when you think that your parents are the weirdest people on the whole planet, please remember baby girl, that we love you more than I could possibly put into words.  You are loved.

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